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Rocco Panucci is a Sicilian-American Film Actor and Producer who has been in the entertainment industry since he was a child. In 2008, he founded Capo Balia Films. An independent film company geared towards working with non-industry professional Film Makers from around the world.
His career began in Theater and Performance Arts attending a school for the Gifted & Talented. Furthering his education for The Arts, He attended Columbia College Chicago. Rocco Panucci is also an accomplished Musician and Recording Artist who has played with several groups. Rocco was the youngest in the groups he performed with, playing several instruments and was nicknamed "Star Child" due to his ability to steal the show during stage performances. In his early years, he started out doing stage impressions of his early influences in music and comedy. His primary influence was his father, a Jazz Pianist and entertainer who was killed when Rocco was a child. In addition to Performance Arts, Rocco has studied Radio, Television and Film Production and had interned at local stations to gain studio experience. Rocco got his start as a fashion model doing print and runway work. He modeled extensively for local artists and sculptors due to his overly-defined physique. Rocco soon realized that he needed to expand his horizons beyond the Mid-West and decided to tour Europe - eventually relocating there.
After touring Europe and The Far East, Rocco returned home to America only to find that he was physically and emotionally drained working as a Model. Social and cultural differences made life difficult for the American-born Euro Model. His eclectic looks had always hindered him in a racially war torn America. Leaving from a night club one night, Rocco was viciously gunned down. He was left physically disfigured. His modeling career was over. Due to the emotional and physical scars he suffered during the ordeal, he left his homeland America and returned to Europe. His physical prowess allowed him to find work as an international Body Guard. But that’s another story…
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Rocco Panucci
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